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No comment for Will Bosi!

The incredible ticklist of the scottish climber after his stay in the bouldering areas around Brno

In the past few days we have reported a couple of news starring Will Bosi, who has been visiting the bouldering areas in the Czech Republic where Adam Ondra and Martin Stranik sent lines of very high difficulty, so far untouched by other ultra-holding fingers other than their own. In particular, the exceptional flash ascent of Charizard‘s 8B+ and the first ascent of Bulbasaur‘s 8C, celebrated on most climbing websites, stood out.

Yet these climbs were only a part of the ascents that Will collected around Brno and in his latest Instagram post he reported the “ticklist” of his Czech achievements … which is truly incredible!

In addition to the lines already mentioned, Bosi has in fact climbed five other 8Cs, an 8B+ and a dozen other grade 8 boulders, including two 8A+ and an 8B flash! Among the top climbs, Will repeated the 8Cs of Drift and Pata Ledovce at Holstejn, both sent by Ondra and repeated only by Stranik, and those of Ghost Rider, Tekuté Štěstí and Iceberg in the Moravian Karst, in this case creatures of Stranik then repeated by Ondra.

The video of the repetition of Tekuté Štěstí is reported above, while that of Iceberg can be seen at the following link.

Achieving such a remarkable series of climbs in a short time is not a new feat for the Scotsman, who last year already did something similar in Siurana both on extreme routes and bouldes, demonstrating a level that certainly projects him among the strongest climbers in the world.

What is also certain is that a ticklist of this type is enough to shock anyone, especially considering that they are all problems on which both Stranik and Ondra had a hard fight before the success!


Source: Instagram