18th Piolets d'or nominees announced - Up-Climbing

18th Piolets d’or nominees announced

The final 5 nominees for 18th Piolets d’or (Golden Ice Axe) awards –  that will be presented in Chamonix/Courmayeur 7\10 April 2010 –  are:
1) Cho Oyu, 8201 m Nepal by Denis Urubko and  Boris Dedechko  
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Route name: Dedechko-Urubko
Heght : 2600 m
Difficulties declared : M6, 6b, A2/A3
2009 May  from 11 to 15

2) Chang Himal, 6750 m – Nepal by Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman .
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Name of the route  Bullock-Houseman
Height : 1800 m
Difficulties declared : M6
2009 October 29 to November 2nd
3) Gongga nord-ovest Peak  6134m –  China by Mikhail Mikhailov and  Alexander Ruchkin
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Name of the route: Carte Blanche
Height: 1100m.
Difficulties proposed : 6c, mixed and ice 75°
2009, April
4) Xuelian Feng, 6422 m Cina by Jed Brown, Kyle Dempster and  Bruce Normand 
Name of the route : The Great White Jade Heist 
Height : 2650 m.
Difficulties declared :WI 5, rock 5, mixed M6.
2009 August 26\29
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5) Pic Pobeda, 7439m  Kirghizistan  by Vitaly Gorelik and Gleb Sokolov  
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Name of the route : Sokolov/Gorelik
Height : 2400 m.
Difficulty proposed : ED
2009 August 20\29
source:Piolet d’or site