New Icefall climbed in Livigno - Italy - Up-Climbing

New Icefall climbed in Livigno – Italy

The valley of Livigno ( Sondrio – Italy) is an important ice climbing destination in the northern side of the alpine chain:  the very low temperatures and the abundance of water ensure  quantity and duration of frozen waterfalls.

Here  on Dec. 1st Giuliano Bordoni and Bruno Mottini , both Mountain Guides, have managed the first ascent of  the icefall “MartOrti” , 40 m II WI5, 10 minutes from the classic icefall “Fopel”, one hour approach from the parking lot.

The icefall was very thin and scarce of ice in the first section. The team equipped the line, climbing from ground, with 4 bolts on the left.

Source: Giuliano "bordons" Bordoni/UpClimbing
Topo: Alpine Ice