New 9b FA for Pirmin Bertle - Up-Climbing

New 9b FA for Pirmin Bertle

Incredible period for the strong German climber Pirmin Bertle, who freed La Cène du Lézard in Switzerland, which graded 9b and climbed also some 9a.

After a pause where spended his time to open a lot of other 9a around the world, often in unexplored places and never beaten before, Bertle is back to Jansegg in Switzerland, where he succeeded in the FA of this line bolted by himself in 2012 and to which he attributes the grade of 9b.

Father of two children with whom he often travels with his wife to climb, Pirmin is an atypical climber who does not go to trendy locations but seeks his own way, questioning himself. So it was for Meiose, his route that graded 9b and that Adam has unleashed to 9a +, which at the meek Pirmin did not go down well, but also aware of his ability we try again with this new line.

What is certain is that beyond the rank, Pirmin is really going through a fabulous period. In addition to La Cène du Lézard, in fact he has also released the FA of Heim Nanch Afika, Walk The Plank and Fagus Magus in Kochel in Germany and Big Hammer in Reutte in Austria, all 9a, thus bringing at least 13 grade 9 rutes opened by him.