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Adam Ondra a video profile

On Sept, 4Th Adam Ondra did the first free ascent of L’étrange ivresse des lenteurs, a project of the French climber Sylvain Millet in the sector Biographie of Céüse,  graded likely 9a+.
Now the videoof the ascent, and not only, by Bernardo Gimenez/Black Diamond: "Black Diamond athlete Adam Ondra is unquestionably one of the world’s top rock climbers. But what makes this Czech teenager so unstoppable, what drives him?
We sent ace photographer/videographer Bernardo Gimenez (who also put together the Nico Favresse video profile) to meet up with Ondra at the French mega-crag of Ceüse to get the answers… which he did—as well as some sweet footage of Ondra making the first ascent of L‘étrange Ivresse des Lenteurs (9a+). 
A tasteful blend of climbing footage and interview footage, we feel this video profile does as good a job as anything we’ve seen in showcasing the personality and determination of Adam Ondra.

Source: Black Diamond