Pakistan first ascent of Karim Sar 6180 meters - Up-Climbing

Pakistan first ascent of Karim Sar 6180 meters

New Zealander alpinist Pat Deavoll has made the first ascent of Karim Sar (6180m) in the Batura region of northern Pakistan Last june, Pat soloed the final 1000m of the peak while her climbing partner Paul Hersey – who had been ill — waited at their top camp at 5100m.
The climbers had been awarded a Hillary Expedition grant by SPARC to attempt the climb.
After setting up base camp, they spent five days acclimatising on the Shitinbar Glacier to a height of 4600m and also assessed the best route to attempt the mountain.Pat says that all the possible routes were technical and “somewhat threatened by icefall’’. They chose a route which led up a steep gully system to a wide cym and the summit ridge.
After acclimatising and deciding on the route, they returned to base camp where Paul came down with a mystery illness which kept him laid up for five days. He decided he wouldn’t try the mountain and go part way up to support Pat in her summit attempt. The pair climbed back up on to the Shitinbar Glacier and set up camp at about 4200m.
Paul said he would go about 400m up the route with Pat, but in fact climbed 1000m, spending the night in a yellow pack liner so he could support Pat on her summit attempt the next day.
Pat left at 5am for her summit bid and climbed up through a mixed gully system, then out into a wide cym ringed with ice cliffs. She moved left on to a ridge and ascended this to a rock buttress she thought she could by pass on the left. This proved too difficult so she back tracked and traversed under the buttress then up on to the summit ridge. She followed the ridge to the summit, arriving about 12pm.
Descending Pat had to do several abseils off v-threads and rock anchors in the upper section.
On 2007,Karim Sar was focused by the Italian expedition of Ivo Ferrari, Fabio Valseschini e Yuri Parimbelli.
Pat Deavoll works as professional climber and photograph, and made several expeditions in Himalaya to unclimbed peaks of 6000 meters.