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The German team of Paul Sass, Markus Kautz, Robert Koschitzki and Benno Wagner succeeded in an interesting Patagonian trip with two new ascents and an attempt to a tower maybe never climbed before. In very bad weather conditions, they climbed a beautiful line on NE virgin face of Cerro Moyano 2640meters in a remote corner of the area of Chalten: some pitches of vertical ice and just before the summit an odd overhanging ice mushroom. Then they moved to the next valley to climb a new route on the E/NE wall of Cerro Norte following a serie of iced gullies. In march they did an attempt to the west wall of Torrecita Tito Carasc: after a first pitch with ice tools, they climbed on super rock and any kind of super cracks. Unfortunately bad weather conditions did not allowed to complete the route.
1        Cerro Moyano 2640m   20.02.2009 NE D+, WI 5-
2    Cerro Norte  2719m 26/27.2.2009 E/NE TD, M 5/WI 4+
3   Torrecita Tito Carasc 06.-27.03.2009 attempt West wall M5/WI5, 9-, A3