Pillar del Sol Nasciente - Up-Climbing

Pillar del Sol Nasciente

The team composed by the French Lise Billon, Francois Poncet, Jeremy Stagnetto, Jerome Sullivan and the Spanish  Pedro Angel Galán Díaz has opened a new route on Cerro Murallon, in Patagonia.
Pillar del Sol Nasciente (7b, A1, WI 6 and M6) ascends the 1000 metres of the south-est pillar of Cerro Murallon. The team took 9 days to reach the summit, placing 15 bolts, all at the belays.
Rolando Garibotti, journalist at Pataclimb.com, described the climb thus:  "This line is remote, completely independent and darn hard." "If there was a line in all of Patagonia that begged to be climbed this was the one."
Source: Pataclimb.com