First edition PsicoBloc Master Series BBK - Up-Climbing

First edition PsicoBloc Master Series BBK

On Oct,23, some famous top climbers came together for the first edition – sponsored by BBK (Banco Bilbao Kutxa) – a new kind of competition, the Psicobloc Master Series.
A 15-meter high structure was assembled over the estuary of Bilbao, at the confluence of the rivers Nervión  and Ibaizabal , and here competed in front of an enthusiastic crowd of about 4000 people, athletes like Chris Sharma,Toni Lamprecht, Iker Pou, Eduard Marín, Bruno Macias, Nacho Sánchez and Ignasi Tarrazona.
First place to Chris Sharma, followed by Bruno Macias and ex aequo Ignasi Tarragona and Nacho Sanchez.

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Video: Desnivel   and  moxi03 Photo Dario Rodriguez/DesnivelPresse Bruno Macia blog spot