First 8c+ for 13yo Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky - Up-Climbing

First 8c+ for 13yo Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky

First 8c + for the 13 year old Ukrainian Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky who in Poland has resolved Szydercze Zwierciadło.

A route that perhaps most does not say anything and a name that only the most attentive will remember. In fact, in 2016 we talked about Illya on the occasion of his 8a on sight (at age 11) when he already had an 8c behind him and now we are back to present him thanks to this new 8c+ performance. Szydercze Zwierciadło is a short and explosive pitch in Padzamcze, near Zawiercie, a small town on the banks of the Warta river in southern Poland and before Bakhmet-Smolensky it was only climbed by Michał Jagielski, who in 2011 had made it the FA , then from Tomek Grajpel in 2012 and Łukasz Dudek in 2013.

“It’s very short,” says Illya, “only 5 quickdraws for 12 movements that do not even allow you to take magnesium. I found my movements on the third day of the study but I only went up to the eighth.”