4th ascent of Wheel of Life 8C+ - Up-Climbing

4th ascent of Wheel of Life 8C+

 On Wednesday 7th September 2011 James Kassay has successfully completed the Grampians bouldering test piece, the Wheel of Life, 8C+, opened by Day Koyamada, and repeated by  Chris Webb  Parsons and  Ethan Pringle.
Wheel of Life is 65 moves route located in Hollow Mountain Cave – Grampians Australia.
"I first visited Hollow Mountain cave back in September 2001 when I was 16 years old – James writes in his blog – "I completed the first of the 4 problems that make up the wheel in January 2002 (Cave Man).In April 2003 I completed both the first half and second half of the wheel and it was then that the whole problem caught my eye.
In the following 8 years I have been to the cave on many occasions and have of course played on the problems and attempted the wheel many times."
Kassay has also individuate a new and more direct exit : "I may have completed the Wheel of Life but for me that was never the line… The Wheel of Life bails out right at the end of the cave and takes the shorter path. My line of choice will take the direct finish up the highest point of the cave. "
So..stay tuned.
Source:Kairn   James Kassay blog