Jade’s fifth ascent - Up-Climbing

Jade’s fifth ascent

From Phillip Schaal blog: “Hiking in light rain up Chaos Canyon, I arrived to good conditions at the Green 45. After warming up me fingers I started trying "the" move on Jade. I ended up nailing it quickly and then went form the start. I surprised myself by hitting the move first try from the start but then fell shortly after. I had a few burns that didn’t amount to much and then on my 4th burn I climbed into the stand, paused on the final side-pull and fell off. I couldn’t believe it and figured I’d be done on it for the day. But then a few minutes later I was all "One more burn," I knew I had to keep trying, the conditions were too good. My 5th burn (3rd day), I climbed again into the stand (barely). This time I held the side-pull sketched my feet over and was toping out before I knew it. What a great feeling, Jade was my main goal for moving back to Co. I have many more goals but Jade was the biggest.”
source: http://phillipschaal.blogspot.com/