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Red Bull K3: the three-kilometer vertical race

Start the runner-up of the best runners who will challenge the fourth edition of the Red Bull K3, the most spectacular climb of our country, for the first time in the Vertical Kilometer World Circuit.

The countdown to the fourth edition of Red Bull K3, the “triple-kilometer vertical” competition, which will take in Susa (TO) the best runners in the world, in the race to reach the summit of Rocciamelone (3538 meters Height), On a route of only 9.7 kilometers with a difference in altitude of 3036 meters.

Recognized as one of the most spectacular and challenging vertical races on the international level, this year’s race was included in the World Circuit of Vertical Kilometers, the worldwide circuit of 17 races in 8 different nations, which will allow finishing athletes to accumulate on 20 % Extra point in the overall ranking.

Three months later, there are over 130 athletes who have confirmed their presence. Among the favorites, Frenchman Christel Dewalle, winner of the Skyrunner World Series and Skyrunning World Cup 2016, with four victories in Fully’s classic Vertical, the Romanian Ingrid Mutter, who last year settled at Mont d’Aire Premana and Spanish Vanesa Ortega, winner of last year’s Red Bull K3.

A fight for the podium is also another Spanish Maite Maiora, the third last year in the worlds of Vertical Kilometer, Norwegian Hilde Aders, Swedish twins Lina and Sanna El Kott Hellander, Swiss Victoria Kreuzer and Red Bull athlete , Fernanda Maciel, recently at the Marathon des Sables.

Among Italians we find the Piedmontese Raffaella Miravalle, twice on the meadows of the impossibility of Rocciamelone, Francesca Rossi, Chiara Giovando, Dimitra Theocaris and Francesca Bellezza.

Among the great male names Rémi Bonnet, winner of the 2015 edition, Norwegian Stian Angermud, world champion Vertical Kilometer 2016 and Romanian Szabolcs Gyrogy Istvan, second in the Giir of Mont 2016. To give a twist to the favorites, Slovenians Nej Kuhar, Rok Bratina, Luka Kovacic and Swiss Martin Anthamatten, second in the Mezzalama Trophy.

The Italians will be led by Piedmontese Marco Moletto, twice as victorious in Susa, Hannes Perkmann, the third consecutive year at the Vertical Kilometers World Championships, and Gabriele Abate, the World Mountain Race Corps champion in 2005 and the European Championships in 2011 .

Numerous athletes from the North East, including Patrick Facchini, David Thoeni, Henry Hofer, Manuel Da Col, Filippo Beccari, Michele Sulli and Tiziano Moia. Already included Lombardy Fabio Bazzana, Stefano Butti and Piedmontese Simone Eydallin.

The level of preparation for the participants announces the true battle on the slopes of the “Rock”, where speed, tenacity and resistance will be fundamental. Two time barriers: the first check-point in the Trucco resort at 1670 meters to be carried out within the maximum time of 1 hour and 30 minutes, followed by the one set at 2850 meters at Rifugio Cà d’Asti, which will be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes for men and 2 hours and 55 minutes for the female category.