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Marcel Remy (86 years) performance

After lots teen-ager climbers exploits (see Ondra…), a new that gives hope to the less young climbers: Marcel Remy (born in 1923) recently climbed Le Miroir d’Argentine 450 meters 5a in West Switzerland, where he leaded “only” few pitches due to an illness that kept him out of rocks for some months. He did not avoid some run out of 10\15 meters.
What is sure is that Marcel Remy – father of Claude and Yves, talented climbers that bolted hundreds of route everywhere – is very fit.
At 84, on 2007, he climbed on sight 2 6a and redpointed a 6b in Kalimnos, site that he especially likes. In reason of those results, he was awarded as the best over 35 climber of the year.

For proof that climbing can be a lifetime sport, just recall that Riccardo Cassin (now 100 years old) climbed at 78 his route on Pizzo Badile. Cheers!