Roncon Vertical: report - Up-Climbing

Roncon Vertical: report

The 4th of June was a day of races: among them was the Roncon Vertical, the first stage of the new “Trentino Vertical” circuit, which will develop in 4 stages between the valleys and the mountains of Trentino.

New route, new validity and new owners in the 6th Roncon Vertical in the Valley of the Churches, the first act of the infant Trentino Vertical Circuit that develops on 4 stages in as many valleys and identifying peaks of the territory of the “butterfly”. After triumphant at the finish near Monte Cimon, having faced the renewed and lengthened race track, which featured 6 km ascent and 1400 meters in altitude, were the home athlete Patrick Facchini and the surprising Michela Cozzini ex Founder of Padergnone.

Facchini, who knew by heart the paths and pitfalls of the race course, finished his test with time 52’22″3, detaching the 58-second dominant of twelve months ago Nicola Pedergnana, athlete of the Val di Rabbi defending the The colors of Team La Sportiva as the dominant of the day, while the female came a surprise, that of Michela Cozzini who closed his test with the time of 1h11’01”, taking the luxury of detaching well 2’22” Favorite Elena Nicolini, the team of La Sportiva, then third Federica Iachelini.

Organizational success for the 6th Roncon Vertical, which has seen a hundred athletes coming from various provinces of Italy, a testimony to the appeal that is invoking the new circuit. But also a big battle in the men’s challenge for the final victory, as the winner of 12 months ago Nicola Pedergnana and Patrick Facchini’s home runner have been played since the first meters after starting 815 meters from Piazza Dante in Roncone . Porter, just out of the asphalt tract, increased frequencies and Pedergnana failed to counteract, with the two being separated by thirty seconds for more than three quarters. At the end of 800 meters, the ronconese made the last forcing that allowed him to triumph over time, which is the primate on the new long track of 52’23”. The rabbit has inevitably managed the last energies, ending with the detachment of 58″, while the third step of the podium was pinetano Marco Facchinelli team La Sportiva at 3’21”, then fourth the fianimese Daniele Felicetti of Team Dynafit to 4’32’at 4’51’ Luca Binelli at Atlética Clarina, and more detached Giacomo Calufetti of Uso Malonno, Ski Alp Roncone Mauro Bonazza, Fabrizio Costanzo Asd Without Frences, Francesco Leonardi of Alpin Go Val Rendena and Stefano Gretter of Sat Vigolo Vattaro.
In the women’s field, perennial affirmation for Michela Cozzini, who stopped the stopwatch on 1h11’01’ time, detaching 2’21” Elena Nicolini from Team La Sportiva. In the first part of the race, in the stroke on the foot, was in front of the molvenes, at its first seasonal exit, which in the final slightly dropped the pace and took advantage of Michela Cozzini, who managed to capture and overcome it, reaching out to her arms Rising to the finish at 2215 meters above sea level. The third stage of the podium, with a delay of 6’05”, went to Federica Iachelini of the Maddalene Sky Team, followed by Flora Morandi of the Asd Trail Running Brescia, Elena Tomè of Gs Fraveggio and Francesca Furlani of Leopodistica.

As for the rankings for the Trentino Vertical Circuit, in addition to the senior where they won the absolute winners, Daniele Felicetti of the Dynafit team was set in under 23, while in the over 50 the best was Giacomo Calufetti of the ” Us Malonno.
Satisfied the organizers of Ski Alp Roncone at the end of the event, accompanied by a light rain, which did not bother the participants at all. Satisfied also the partners of the challenging challenge, namely Trentino Marketing, La Sportiva, Pejo Water, Pastificio Felicetti, Sociificio Primiero and Named Sport, as well as Assocronos Trentina, which cares the timing service at km zero, respecting the principle of territoriality of the New circuit.
The Trentino Vertical Circuit continues with the next three stages, scheduled for June 24 at Tesero (Val di Fiemme) with Cornon Vertical, then with the two new Vertical Vioz (Pejo Valley) on August 20 and Rosetta Vertical (San Martino Of Castrozza) on September 23.