SALEWA: Wildfire Edge - Up-Climbing

SALEWA: Wildfire Edge

The Wildfire Edge system allows you to climb with precision and walk in total comfort

To reach the base of the Dolomites, a long hike of approach is required and across technical terrain that often includes climbing passages, although of a lower grade.

It should not be surprising then that the tech approach category was invented by Salewa, the mountain technical equipment brand that has its headquarters in the heart of the Dolomites. An internationally recognized innovation since the first generation of the Salewa Wildfire, the icon shoe in this category, winner of an OutDoor Award in 2012.

Tech approach shoes are a question of balance between climbing performance and walking ability – explains Giordano Vechiet, Product Manager Footwear, Salewa – Mountain guides and climbing enthusiasts have explained to us that the dilemma is between choosing a fit narrower, suitable for climbing but uncomfortable in the hiking or downhill part, and a more comfortable fit for walking but not precise in climbing, especially at the tip or for the side grip. For this reason we have developed the Switchfit system, which allows you to adjust the Wildfire Edge from one set for hiking to one for climbing, with greater compression at the height of the fingers“.

The Salewa Switchfit system is as smart as it is simple. To change to a climbing setting, just move the strings from the top of the eyelet to the additional one, and pull. In this way the foot is pushed forward towards the front of the shoe, compressing the fingers like in a climbing shoe. Once the climbing part is over, simply bring the strings back into the standard eyelets to get more room for your fingers and be able to walk comfortably.

To emphasize the climbing skills, the Wildfire Edge is equipped with the Edging Plate, a semi-rigid reinforcing foil positioned at the front of the foot that adds directional stability under the fingers while the rest of the midsole remains flexible to ensure comfort and a roll. natural when walking.

The new Wildfire Edge also benefits from some technologies developed for the latest version of the Wildfire presented just twelve months ago. In fact it is equipped with the Pomoca Speed ​​MTN sole with Pomoca Butylic Compound compound that offers effective traction and grip on both wet and dry rock. The sole is also equipped with climbing zones at the tip and has aggressive gussets for greater traction on mud and soft terrain. The Exa Shell structure guarantees torsional stability and, in synergy with the tried and tested 3F System, it wraps the foot with precision, offering support, flexibility and a comfortable fit.

The new Wildfire Edge with Switchfit system will be available in the Spring 2019 in specific models for men (two colors) and women (one color).

Technical details

  • Upper: 1.6 mm suede leather
  • Midsole: Premium Eva
  • Sole: Pomoca Speed ​​MTN with Pomoca Butylic Compound compound • Switchfit system
  • Edging Plate
  • Exa Shell
  • 3F System
  • Multi Fit Footbed insole
  • Climbing Lacing
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Weight (man): 422g (UK 8)
  • Size (man): 6-12 / 13 UK
  • Colors (man): blue / fluo yellow, premium navy / fluo yellow
  • Weight (woman): 354g (UK 5)
  • Size (woman): 3-9 UK
  • Colors (woman): malta / vivacious