San Vito Climbing Festival 2012 - DWS and Black Diamond Trail Night - Up-Climbing

San Vito Climbing Festival 2012 – DWS and Black Diamond Trail Night

SPORT: the day starts with Deep Water Soloing at Cala Firriato,  which has been reached both by sea and by land by all the climbers who don’t fear water and sought, for some hours, something different than crags. Uncountable dives, and both possible and impossible lines tried, but above all a lot of fun. The Team Gibbon enhanced the fun setting an acrobatic slack-line above the sea.

Then, for those who still had some spark of stamina, Black Diamond Trail Night: six km of uphill trail running at Monte Monaco, for a total time of approx 35 min starting from the shore to the summit. Finally, at El Bahira Camping, the party, which will prove to be the most demanding in terms of energy drain for the more than 700 participants who danced and had a taste of excellent Sicilian recipes.

THE MOVIES: During the evening, the film selection cured by Alan Formanek from Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, featured videos of Kayaking and Trial Bike.

Yesterday night the stage has hosted Stevie Haston, who, thanks to the images of Malta walls, has laid a bridge bewteen Sicily and that wonderful arcipelagus, followed by a masterpiece by Alberto Sciamplicotti, who portrayed Inuit people in his documentary: "Parlare con le orecchie – Robert Peroni e la terra degli uomini" [Talking with the Ears – Robert Peroni and the Land of Mankind]. The film, presented by the director himself, has brought to the attention of the audience the theme of minoritary cultures, bound to fight for their own survival and to avoid being incorporated in the mainstream cultures, loosing therefore the main traits of their identity. Inuit people is just an example – a powerful depiction of a problem shared by countless cultures, from North to South America, from Africa to Oceania to the most secluded corners of Eurasia.

All of this has been staged in the charming venue of Piazza Santuario in San Vito Lo Capo, a small town which is becoming more and more a focal point for climbing in Mediterranean.

Last but not least, yesterday, besides the Forum on Outdoor Tourism attended by local administrator from Arco di Trento, Finale Ligure and Valmasino, the participants and the locals has discovered Malta and its attractiveness – it seems that a relationship between the San Vito Climbing Festival and the Maltese reality is growing stronger; today it’s the turn of Trango World, an initiative which managed to establish a network amongst many other events, both in Italy and in other countries such as Spain.
San Vito Climbing Festival is being a pivotal element of outdoor events, not only for its contents in terms of sports and fun, but also trying to convey more relevant and profound messages – because climbing is not only a movement of muscles, but first of all of people.