San Vito Climbing Festival - Ondra at Salinella - Up-Climbing

San Vito Climbing Festival – Ondra at Salinella

October 11th, 2012

San Vito Climbing Festival opens under a wonderful sunshine. The weather is even a little bit too hot for climbing… according to Adam Ondra!
The Czech master is visiting Sicily for the first time. Obviously, his presence has draw the attention of the first 400 participants and of other "bigs" such as Stevie Haston, who met him just at the feet of the crags. A large crowd of fans has followed Adam on Salinella ramparts, where the staff has set several demaning routes.

The main question is: will Adam take part into the competition together with the "normal" human beings, or will he work on the routes which have been expressly set for him?
On Saturday we’ll have an answer: in the former case, he’ll be climbing on the same area, which will host also the Open Marathon, allowing the participants to enjoy their favourite sport together with the top climbers.

The final stage of Top Marathon will take place on the walls of Parco Ceriolo, in Custonaci, a wonderful small town next to San Vito Lo Capo, excellent venue for sport tourism, which has collaborated with the staff of San Vito Climbing Festival.

Tonight, the main attraction will be the night climbing, thanks to Black Diamond Lab Test, and tomorrow the festival will treat the participants with DWS at Cala Firriato – a sheer drop to the sea, accompanied by the spectacular dives typical of this discipline.

Alan Formanek, director of Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, has presented the selection of videos and movies that will be screened during these nights, introducing also the first guest: Michele Radici, director who shot, amongst many others, the renowned clips of Sector commercials in the Eighties. Michele has explained many interesting traits of filming techniques, in an appealing presentation sketching a review of the evolution of "extreme" film-making in the last decades.

Today the Festival has hosted also a forum on Outdoor – and especially climbing – tourism, which has proven to be an important feature for the development of touristic industry.
For the first time, public authorities, tourism operators, politicians and experts have discussed in-depth interesting and seminal topics. Amongst the participants, administrators from Arco di Trento, Finale Ligure, Valmasino and obviously San Vito Lo Capo.

Anna Maria Santangelo, on behalf of the District of Trapani, has explained an interest growth trend of outdoor sport-related tourism. One of the most interesting traits of this kind of tourism is that it allows to extend the touristic season, spanning till months in which the "seaside" tourism isn’t in full-throttle, like fall and winter. This has been one the most important reason that drove the public authorities to allott fundings for the Festival.

After the greetings from Mayor Mattero Rizzo, Nino Ciulla and Councellor Maria Cusenza have explained how climbing has brought an important growth to the touristic industry.

The forum was intended especially for a specialized audience, but it has proven to be very useful also for the speakers, who had the chance to discuss different approaches and strategies, as underlined by Stefano Scetti from Valmasino Township. Everyone agreed that a networking approach between local authorities and tourism operators is crucial for the development of this new declination of tourism.

Angelo Seneci, who’s a consultant for several public authorities (such as Arco Township, the Touristic District of Alto Garda – Trentino) has explained how a careful and thorough plainning can bring extraordinary outcomes for the tourism industry. The example of Arco RockMaster, which nowadays could be considered one of the most important climbing events worldwide, is seminal.

Another important topic has been the role played by volunteers associations: such organizations are crucial for the development and managing of sport structures, but often there’s the need of a careful coordination of their interventions, said Massimo Gualberti, Councellor for Sport in Finale Ligure. In this respect, two representatives of NGOs and volunteers associations, namely Santino Cannavò, president of UISP Mountain branch, and Sandro Angelini, from FASI crags committee, have highlighted the crucial role of NGOs as link between sport tourism and the local opportunities.