SCARPA: DRAGO - Up-Climbing


Drago from Scarpa, rediscover the pleasure of old friendships

I adore the soft shoes, so testing the Drago very annoying me. On the other hand, I had not used a pair of SCARPA for a few years, so the curiosity was so great and mixed with a bit of fear, like when you see a friend again after losing sight of for a few years.

Also the choice of the number was not a certainty, and the first sensation was that it took them too small, thanks to the beautiful sunny day finalese that had swollen my feet like bagpipes.

At first, however, the fit was immediately pleasant, the foot is at ease, no painful points or annoying pressures are felt, rather, the stitches moved compared to the pressure points, particularly far from the outer edge of the big toe very positively, both for the absence of discomfort and for increased accuracy.

Each foot obviously has its shape, the fact is that on my, with a slightly broader plant and big toe longer than the second finger, the effect is excellent. Feeling so enchanting and soft, without empty stitches, you immediately get the idea of ​​a shoe that you can use a little on the whole surface, not just on the sole. They are shoes designed for bouldering or for climbing overhanging, but the good bandaging of the foot is not obvious: wide gumming can sometimes stiffen and create empty points during the bending. It is not the case of the Dragon where the rubber, although covering a lot of surface, is very thin and soft, which undoubtedly helps to increase the sensitivity even in the phase of hooking the tip or side.

The decisive asymmetry and arching of the tip, and the arching of the entire shoe, do not damage its good fit, but make it an aggressive tool for those who want a technical and precise climb, perfect for the most demanding projects.

The excellent adaptability to the torsions of the foot and the shape of the rock, makes it a good slipper, and despite this the sole is not particularly thin: classic and unsurpassed VIBRAM XS Grip2 3.5mm.

The heel, apparently classic and without too many fantasies, has no empty spots, has a beautiful band that keeps it glued to the foot and does its duty very well. Still XS Grip2.

Like all soft shoes, it has a sole only at the tip, but the elastic response is given by the SCARPA patented PBC system (Power Connection Band). The tensioned rubber bands allow to distribute the weight from the tip to the rest of the foot. Even after about ten days of activity I can say that the elasticity of the shoe seems little or nothing changed from its first use.

It is not a liner suitable for long journeys in plaque, especially on painful surfaces such as drops or laminae. Although they are well built, especially if you are not featherweight, the sensitivity may be excessive and turn into pain.

The feeling muffled and the sensitivity they transmit are, in my opinion, the most beautiful surprise of this shoe. Recommended a number and a half less or even two.

Technical data

Form: FZ
Sole: XS GRIP2 3.5mm
Sizes: 35 – 45 (with ½ sizes)
Weight: 205g (½ pair size 40)