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Sicily, route “Last Minute”, 7c/+ max

New route in Sicily for the great climbers Robert Jasper and Jörn Heller that opened Last Minute (200m, 7c/+ max), a multipitch on the north-east side of Monte Gallo, near Palermo. The new linefollows the vertical and overhanging part of the wall and the pair used a rigid ethic, using spits only where was impossible do differently. The result is a five stars route, located in a natural area (pay attention) whit a not complicated approach.
Route Last Minute (200M, 7L, 7c/+ max)
Monte Gallo, Sicily
First ascent: Robert Jasper, Jörn Heller
SL 1: 6b,  25m
SL 2: 7a/b,  20m 
SL 3: 7b, 30m
SL 4: 7c/c+, 40m
SL 5: 6b/c, 25m
SL 6: 7b/c, 40m
SL 7: 5a, 20m