Sondrio street climbing 2012 - Up-Climbing

Sondrio street climbing 2012

 Day of urban climbing organized by Cai – Young Valtellina.
1 pm: open enrollment in Piazza Garibaldi
2 pm to 6 pm: circuit blocks
6.15 pm: semifinals and finals in Piazza Campello
8 pm: awards ceremony and dinner at the castle Masegra
The circuit is formed by 20 blocks of different difficulty. The order in which blocks are free to be addressed. Each block is guarded by an umpire who will explain how to fix it and will certify passing on the map in the possession of the athlete. The four athletes who have passed the highest number of blocks, no matter how difficult, will enter the semi-finals.
Athletes qualified to the semi-finals will compete two at a time, in a speed challenge in parallel on the facade of the tower. The top will be located at about one third of the face. Vince the athlete who first touches the top. The winners of the semifinals will have access to the final. The unskilled will be directly assigned to the 3 or 4 position in the standings in the time it takes to reach the top in their respective semi-finals.

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