Expedition of The Asgard Project top out the mountain - Up-Climbing

Expedition of The Asgard Project top out the mountain

British Leo Houlding, Alastair Lee, Chris Reyburn, Jason Pickles, and Ian Burton, together with Sean Leary (USA) and Carlos Suarez (Spain) ended successfully the expedition (Asgard project) to Mount Asgard in the Baffin Island.
The team focused the free ascent of the huge North West wall, one of the most difficult big wall of the world.
Let’s read on " The Asgard Project" site:“After 12 days of suffering in sub zero temperatures, in the shade 23 hours a day and weathering severe ice storms we succeeding in getting Al, Chris, Jas, Stanley and Leo to the top of the wall. The harsh conditions and incredibly steep blank nature of the rock only allowed us to free half the route but given the situation and time of year (the summer is short up here it is now autumn) we are over the moon that we made it to the top. It has been brutal thank god we all had the right kit otherwise frost-nip and hyperthermia would have had us by now. Mount Asgardis named after the realm of the Norsk gods. It feels like those gods having been toying with us the whole time. After a savage ice storm that left 4cm of haw frost on all the ropes and brought the first discussions of retreat we were treated to an insane display of the northern lights and enough fine weather to finish the route. On the summit a snowy owl swooped right by to check us out. A positive sign. On the final stage of the rappel the gods sent us off with 10 cm of snow. The wall is now unclimable. Asgardallowed us to the top but by the skin of our teeth. “
Mount Asgard is a beautiful twin peaked mountain with two flat-topped cylindrical rock towers. Asgard’s slightly higher North Peak was first ascended in 1953 by P.Baird, J. Weber, J. Marmet, and H. Röthlisberger. The route is graded VI, 5.8/5.9 A1. It is still the most-traveled route and is the standard descent.The South Peak was first climbed in 1971 by G. Lee, R. Wood, and P. Koch. Since then, many routes have been set  up on the two peaks, with lengths from 800 m  to 1200 m.
In the meantime that British expedition of Asgard Project was on the North West wall, Belgian team of Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Stéphane Hanssens and Olivier Favresse first climbed 3 new routes on south wall of Mount Asgard and almost free ascended the Bavarian Route.

Source: the asgardproject
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