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Save the date: Stava Mountain Race!

The month of June for the enthusiasts of the race in the mountains is what leads to the first important events of the season, first of all the Stava Mountain Race, scheduled for Saturday 24 and Sunday 25.

This year’s race raises the challenge on the vertical kilometer and that of the 24.5-km linear, with 1,750 meters of positive difference, in two different days, in order to maximize the two competitions. A novelty that athletes are appreciating, judging by the pace with which the inscriptions arrive at the US headquarters. Cornacci. Another element that is fueling the race on the pettorale is the fact that this year the Stava Mountain Race will be the selection for the composition of the Italian national who will take part in the Finale world long distances of Premana, as well as third test of the circuit La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup.
They are already on the list of long-time enrollment, and have already begun to test the course, the athletes of La Sportiva team Paolo Bert, Martin Stofner, Patrick Facchini, Christian Varesco, Paolo Longo and Marco Moletto, fresh winner of ResegUp Short will come the official confirmations for Team Salomon, among which will be the Slovenian Rok Bratina, while he has already formalized his participation Philiph Bianchi of Team Scarpa. Mattia Gianola (Crazy Idea) and Gyorgy Szlabolcs (Valetudo Skyrunning Italy) are also expected. Among women we will see Stephanie Jimenez (Team Salomon) and probably Antonella Confortola, with the winner of the past edition, Romanian Denisa Dragomira, together with the flag and teammate Ingrid Mutter. Team La Sportiva will be represented by Lara Mistat, Chiara Gianola and Lara Buzzoni.

The new route is still 24.5 km long, but the altitude rise has been covered from 2,100 meters to 1,750. The key steps are those of Mount Cornon, Mount Agnello and the new descent from La Bassa Town will bring competitors on arrival, crossing the enchanting Valle del Rio Bianco. This year, thanks to the availability of ITAP, the chairlift Monte Agnello di Pampeago will be active from 7.30 to 12.30 with a discounted price to bring to the level those who want to follow the passage of athletes in the most scenic spots.
With regard to the Cornon Vertical to increase its prestige there is its insertion into the new Trentino Vertical Circuit, “launched” last Sunday at Roncone. The best players of the discipline will be present, starting with the champion of La Sportiva Nicola Pedergnana, passing by the Slovaks Nejc Kuhar and Luka Kovacic, his teammates, to whom Fabio Bazzana (Karpos – La Sportiva) added, pending Other important names. Women will not be able to defend the title of the cool bride Beatrice Deflorian, but should be present Lisa Buzzoni, Francesca Rossi, Veronica Bello, Stephanie Jimenez and former fundraiser Michela Cozzini, primate right at Roncone.