Stefano Carnati does Demencia Senil, 9a+ - Up-Climbing

Stefano Carnati does Demencia Senil, 9a+

In Margalef, Stefano Carnati climbs the diabolical Demencia Senil, explosive “tendons” 9a+.

Super performance for Stefano Carnati in Margalef where, on one of the rocks most congenial to him, realized the repetition of the devastating Demencia Senil, really demanding 9a+.

Opened by Chris Sharma in February 2009, Demencia immediately attacks with a deadly sequence of mono and double fingers that leave no way out, so much so that the video of the Basque Iker Pou, which in 2010 made the first repeat, really caused a sensation at the time.

Stefano, as usual, is in Spain in these days of the year and if these are the premises, the idea is that in these days we will quote him several times.

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