Steve Watson repeats Mordor in Niederthal 8c+/9a - Up-Climbing

Steve Watson repeats Mordor in Niederthal 8c+/9a

Stewart Watson has repeated Markus Haid’s Mordor, 8c+/9a, at Niederthai, Austria. He says: "I literally can’t express how I’m feeling right now. I first tried Mordor (8c+/9a) a few years ago and made really fast progress. The route took alot longer than expected and nothing has ever pushed me through so many physical and emotional barriers. I can’t actually believe that I have done it and this epic is finally over."
Mordor was first climbed in 2002 by Markus Aid, after many tries.

The route is a totally natural line of 20\25 m and has two parts: the first part is a demanding 8b+ after which there is a good rest. After the rest it´s time for some serious pulling since the second part is a very hard 8c.
source: kairn  thelowdown