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Timonov, 9a boulderer

Vadim Timonov climbs A Muerte, 9a.

When boulderers take a rope, something epic is gonna happen. Think about Elias Iagnemma, who in Ferentillo has claimed one of the hardest FAs in Italy after a lot of attempts by sport climbers. As hum, a lot of examples are in the climbing story, like also sport climbers who climbs hard boulders as well!

In an easy spanish holiday, Vadim Timonov has taken his harness from the wardrobe. In Siurana, he has climbed a world famous route: A Muerte. With this route, climbed really quick, he has joined the 9a club, and now he is working on Jungle Speed. A Muerte was established by Rich Simpson back in 2006 and nowadays it has been downgraded by a lot of climbers to 8c+.

From Vadim Timonov’s IG page