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Tito Traversa’ s (9) Arco second visit

Young climber Tito Traversa (9)  has just scheduled a second visit to Arco and within a few days bagged some excellent results.

Add to that that Tito is certainly light, but has the height of a child of his age, which poses serious problems to solve  some moves and clipping.

Fragole, for example, for Tito was a not easy business: with its short legs, he could not split enough not to sway and had to make a hard dyno to take the flat hold beside the spit,  so losing feet and thus swaying  (and falling many times on the second bolt).

But the grit of the young Tito have conquered the Lake Garda’s climbers  and several people have encouraged him during his performances.
Here the list:
1 – Bernardi  7b    onsight
 2 – Gravidanza isterica 7b    onsight
 3 – Fragole con panna  7b+  onsight
 4 – Mucca pazza  7b+  onsight
 5 – Rockerduck 7a+  onsight
 6 – Fragole          8a redpoint
 7 – Scaia             7c+  second try
 8 – Mefisto 7b  redpoint
Source  up-climbing
Foto:  Tito Traversa coll