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Tito Traversa at Gorges du Tarn and Céüse


After the successful trip to Arco, Tito Claudio Traversa (9 years) visited two of the most important crags of France (and not only..).
First it was the turn of the Gorges du Tarn, where he was for a week, then in Céüse,  where he spent a single weekend. In both showed his class with a nice bunch of important routes.
Despite routes bolted a little ‘long’ and  some runout not suitable for the more fearful climbers Tito leaded every pitch, often starting with all the quickdraws at his belt, showing personality and tenacity.

Regarding the achievements, the young of Ivrea, in the Gorges du Tarn made his first two 7c on sight: "Arachnid", a vertical very technical wall and the overhanging "Le plaisir qui demonte" Then at 2nd go,  “Octopus”7c+, and – 2nd go as well –  8a, “Arnaque.com”, a pitch offering a hard boulder.
In Ceuse Tito arrived last Friday – the  walls still wet from the rain in the morning – and made a couple of 7a+ on sight.
Saturday sent "Berlin" 7c/7c+ and on Sunday morning send  "Correspondance imaginaire" 7c+ (third go)  "La Cascade". Then in the afternoon – again in the sector "Berlin" – has achieved his best performance so far, the onsight of "Makach walou" 7c +, a route of continuity that has seen the onsight of many famous climbers (Ondra at 10 years, Durif,  Eyer, Dudek) but, in some cases, also required two attempts (as for Smith-Gobat or Jérôme De Boeck, who has performed a number of other 7c+ on the same occasion).
Monday Tito was not tired and wanted to do a last tour before returning home, so did at 2nd go  Petit Tom 8a , a route also done by Ondra, at 10 years, and who had required more than two attempts. It was important for Tito, who has Adam as a reference point, and anyway exceptional results that confirm its continuing evolution.

Here the list at Gorges du Tarn
1 – Octopus                                                 7c+ 2nd go
2 – Main basse sur le cochonnet            7a+ onsight
3 – Ma queue Donald                                7b+ 2nd go
4 – Prise de bec                                         7b  onsight
5 -T’as pas un nom?                               7a+ onsight
6 – Prise de carre                                     7b  onsight
7 – Petit ruisseau                                     7b+ onsight
8 – Arnaque.com                                      8a  2nd go
9 – Produit daubant                                7b onsight
10 – Naissance                                       7b onsight
11 – Mon dide                                           7b onsight
12 – Pas d’pognon, pas d’8a, pas d’gonzesse 7b+ onsight
13 – L’oubliee du temps                     7c          
14 – Self control                                   7a onsight
15 – Arachnide                                     7c onsight
16 – Le plasir qui demonte                7c onsight

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