Tito Traversa (10) 1st 7c+ onsight and 6th 8b - Up-Climbing

Tito Traversa (10) 1st 7c+ onsight and 6th 8b

After a couple of days in La Turbie, where Tito Traversa (10)  onsighted  Fourmis vertes 7a+, Beyrouth ouest 7b, Pendulum direct 7b and  Blue Öyster cult 7b+, the young climber moved to Les Gorges du Loup.
Here in the sector  “Déversé”, Tito sent 2go “Déversé satanique” 8a+, and in the next days 
Project PHP                 7b+ Onsight
Pas Vu, Pas Pris         7c   Onsight
Willy Wanca                 7c   Onsight
Petit Poucet                 7c+  Onsight

(Update: Petit poucet is his 2nd 7c+ onsight, after "Makach walou" in Céüse)

The last day Tito did his 6th 8b, SatanX  and onsight Les nicois font du ski  7c.
Tito has done previously 5 8b’s;  born on 2001 April 22, is 130 cm tall x 32kg.
Source Tito Traversa/UpClimbing – ph T&Gphoto.
Tito Traversa: La Rimbambita 8b Criptonite 8b Je est un autre 8b Nuovi aromi 8bPepper Life 8b