Toni Lamprecht again great!!! - Up-Climbing

Toni Lamprecht again great!!!

Toni finds another extreme line in Kochel


These days, we all need a source of inspiration that makes us look beyond what is happening and gives us a more serene perspective to remember what our passions, waiting for future times when we will be able to go back in living them outdoor.

Our inspiration comes today from Toni Lamprecht, who informed us of his last and remarkable climb, still tooking place in “his” Kochel (Germany): on March 3, taking advantage of the cold and excellent condition, Toni sent the boulder Angeschossens Wolf, for the which he proposes the 8C.

This new line is identical to Real Absurdistan (another 8c done by Lamprecht in December) until the eleventh movement, to then exit from “La Paloma”. Above, we also report the video.

Another proof of dedication and passion of a climber who has written important chapters in the history of world climbing!