Trento Filmfestival – the winners - Up-Climbing

Trento Filmfestival – the winners

From April 21 to May 3, Trento hosted the most acclaimed international mountain film festival, dedicated to the world of mountains, their exploration and adventures. The “GRAN PREMIO “CITTÀ DI TRENTO” – GOLD GENTIAN” for the best film of all, possessing high artistic qualities, that corresponds to the cultural objectives of the Festival. possessing high artistic qualities, that corresponds to the cultural objectives of the Festival was assigned to Sonbahar (by Alper Özcan, Turkey/Germany)

The jury unanimously awarded the Gran Premio “Città di Trento” to the film Sonbahar for those reasons: “The main character of this heartbreaking story is a young man who fought for the victory of democracy in his country. Due to this commitment he served a hard sentence! After ten years in prison he returns to his native village above the Black Sea where, before he dies, he manages to find some happiness and love. His imprisonment, illness and sufferings are narrated with touching compassion and delicate poetry, without rhetoric, without emphasis.”The “CITTÀ DI BOLZANO” PRIZE – GOLDEN GENTIAN for the best film on sport, exploration and adventure was assigned to Karl (by Valeria Allievi, Italy)“Portrait of a great young alpinist, who dedicated his life to the mountains and loved them to the end. The irrepressible passion of the protagonist and a direction purposely free of any form of rhetoric impress you. A film that aims straight to the heart, a portrait of an unforgettable personage.The “ITALIAN ALPINE CLUB PRIZE – GOLDEN GENTIAN” for the best film on mountains and mountaineering was assigned to:Himalaya terre des femmes (by Marianne Chaud, France) “The jury appreciated the work of this young film director, an ethnologist who lived for four years in a far-off and isolated village of Zanskar: an archaic and very poor world. Using only a small telecamera and with the great and intimate complicity of the local women, Marianne Chaud has managed to capture images and sentiments of extraordinary participation.”
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