Winter Holidays for Colin Haley - Up-Climbing

Winter Holidays for Colin Haley

Colin Haley, the young American alpinist that soloed Supercanaleta on Patagonia’s Fitz Roy massif and completed with Rolando Garibotti the incredible Torre Traverse, had nice holidays in Chamonix! In 3.30h Haley ascended the classical Ginat (1000 m, ED) on the north face of Droites, soloed the north wall of Aiguille de Midi and on april 20th descented it on ski with the Swedish Andreas Fransson. Then, with the Canadian Maxime Turgeon climbed Aiguille d’Argentière and descended on ski on couloirs Barbey (42°). With Luca Pandolfi climbed Couloir des Capucines up to Brèche du Carabinier then reached Col du Diable from Couloir Macho and down on ski

In Argentière area a nice link of routes for a british team.
Ian Parnell, Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock linked  Russian Roulette on the North wall of Aiguille Verte (Babanov e Thierry Braguier, 1997, 1000 m, ED+)  and the finish of the Gabarrou Silvy on the Aiguille Sans Nom (1000 m, M8 and WI6). “Not desperate but it’s what you’d call a proper alpine route” wrote Ian Parnell on his blog.