Veikka Gustafsson sent all 14 8000ers - Up-Climbing

Veikka Gustafsson sent all 14 8000ers


Veikka is the all-time 9th person in the world to climb all eight-thousanders without bottled oxygen.
“The world is great, weather was perfect, no wind at the top of the mountain. You could see all the Karakoram from the top ” said Veikka, being obviously extremely happy on the mountain of Gasherbrum 1.
Veikka Gustafsson and Kazuya Hiraide (winner of 2009 Piolet d’or) started climbing at 00.30 and reached the summit at around 8 o’clock. The joint climbing team (V&K and Bulgarians)worked well together 
“With sisu and hard trying, and by not ever giving up you can accomplish set objectives.” 
Veikka Gustafsson and Kazuya Hiraide are set at Camp 3, at 7100m. The weather conditions being not as good as expected, they took a late start today, but it was still a cold climb up to the Camp 3. Strenuous steep route, which had deep snow and steep technical rock climbing sections.
They got help from Bulgarians. The climbers are Nikolay Petkov, Doychin Boyanov, Boyan Petrov, Nikolay Valkov. "The strong Bulgarian team opened the route in deep snow, which was a great help, a big thanks to them!"