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Verhoeven: 9a again after the injury

Anak Verhoeven has climbed La prophétie des grenouilles, 9a.

We are in Brianconnais, in Fournel, and we have this iconic line, in a huge overhang, with powerful moves, called La prophétie des grenouilles. Yann Ghesquiers, back in 2010, linked op Une arquée pour le criquet (8c) with D’espoir karsherisé (8a) and La croix de to loose, giving the life to this amazing line, that together with  “Sankukai” and “Condé de choc” in Entraygues, makes the trilogy of 9a in Briancon. Despite not the best shape ever because of a bad injury, Anak has decided to try anyway this route, knowing to have really few days for climbing it. Conditions were also bad, with a lot of rainy days. For climbing this line quickly, Anak has put up the same strategy of  Stefano Ghisolfi in Covolo, working on the sections an then climbing it at the first try from the ground.

For the ones that who doesn’t know Anak, she is one of the best climber of the last decade. With some victories in the world cup circuit and a lot of extreme routes, she is considered one of the best Belgian cover ever, male and female.

From Anak Verhoeven’s IG page