Gamma Group summited Mckinley - Up-Climbing

Gamma Group summited Mckinley

Roby Chiappa (67 years old)  Massimiliano Gerosa and Giacomo Bianchi of “Gruppo Gamma” Lecco (Northern Italy) in a very cold weather  (-34°) climbed  the normal route to  McKinley or Denali, the highest peak of North America, 6194meters.
Fabio Valseschini and Eugenio Manni, members of the second Gamma team in Alaska, since Friday are attempting the Cassin Ridge, a 3000 meters combination of steep ice and  steep mixed, where terrain, altitude, hazardous weather conditions, lack of communications, difficult retreat, and perplexing route make it a big adventure upon the immense South Face of Denali.
Cassin ridge is one of the technical route in all of Alaska and one of the world’s greatest alpine climbs; it was first ascended on 1961 by Riccardo Cassin, Gigi Alippi, Luigino Airoldi, Romano Perego, Jack Canali and Annibale Zucchi and is highly considered by the alpinists.
“We’ll give our news once down from the mountain” – said Manni at phone – “but we’ll stay up there until we’ll reach our goal.”
All the best  to the 2 Gamma!