[VIDEO] 8c free solo for Jorge Diaz Rullo - Up-Climbing

[VIDEO] 8c free solo for Jorge Diaz Rullo

The Spaniard Jorge Diaz-Rullo also dedicates himself to free solo and has climbed untied Kundalini, route of 8c outside Madrid.

It was known that he was a stratospheric talent but that he also had this control was intuitive but still not obvious. Jorge Diaz-Rullo has accustomed us in the last two-three years to great climbs on the crag but he has also been able to close in a bubble of total concentration and climb untied an 8c, Kundalini at El Vellón, in Madrid area, route that he had already done with the rope and which he repeated without.

After retrying the route, Jorge left only protected from a few crash pads at the base. The route is about fifteen meters long but the hard pass is about halfway.

“The crux is 6 meters but the short resistance section after is the difficult part. I am not used to going up such short pitch. Some consider it a very high boulder problem, others a route. Last year I had climbed my eighth pitch untied and I thought I would have liked to try an 8c. I liked the idea of ​​climbing Kundalini like this, a short and explosive line, something similar to that found in Bishop.”

In 2019, however, Diaz-Rullo also climbed three 9b, La Planta de Shiva, Ali Hulk Extension Total sit start and Patanics, in addition to a rain of 9a and 9a +. The next target? The 8c at sight (but with or without a rope?)

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