Welt: double 9as - Up-Climbing

Welt: double 9as

Moritz Welt has climbed two 9as: Martin Krpan and Halupca 1979. 

Despite going to Spain like almost all the other strong climbers, Moritz has decided to move to Slovenia. Right here, he has climbed two iconical lines. Let’s start from the first: Martin Krpan. It is really famous because it is the first 9a climbed by mr Adam Ondra. With his huge overhang, it is a real classic of the Osp – Misja Pec area, in Slovenia. For Moritz it has been a hard mental battle, more than physical. He has solved the single moves quite immediately but then it has been a long process until the ascent. After sending it, he has moved his energy on other lines, like the next.

Halupca 1979 was the main goal of the Slovenian trip, because of some tries back in 2017. In Moritz’s opinion, this one is one of the best route ever and it has spent just three sessions on it. The route is really iconic, with strong moves in a huge orizontal roof, between bars and tufas. For the 19 years ol climber, this one is the 13th 9a ever, the 7th in the last 12 months. 

Moritz has still some days in Slovenia and he is deciding between relaxing or trying another hardì 9a: Sanski Par.

From Moritz Welt’s IG page