Woods: another 9a! - Up-Climbing

Woods: another 9a!

Daniel Woods has climbed Manphibian, 9a.

After writing some pages of the boulder 2021 history, Daniel Woods has put on his harness and the results have come. In the famous crag of Mr Charleston, a real American gem, Daniel has climbed two extreme lines a few times. On the first day there he climbed Spyfiction, 8c+, in just three goes. Few days later, he came back, climbing the extension, called Manphibian. The route by Andy Raether in well known in the USA and adds a hard slab to Spyfiction,reaching the 9a grade.

During this august, Daniel has spent some days in Ceuse, coming home a bit disappointed, because he has not able to send his mega project: Realization. The hardest route of the trip is anyway estreme: Mr Hyde, 8c+!

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