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Zhenja Kazbekova 13 years 8b+

Source: UpClimbing/Anna Piunova.
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Zhenja Kazbekov (13) has succeeded on her first 8b + last June, 2nd:  Parallelniy Mir (Parallel World) Red Stone (Krasny Kamen) in Crimea.
Last year, the young climber sent  New Kenigsberg (8b) and at 11 years  Vremya Ch (8a).
Zhenja comes from a family of climbers: his parents  Nataliya Perlova and Serik Kazbekov have participated from 1992 to 2007 to the World Cup circuit competitions  with excellent results.
Nataliya has won the second and third place in World Cup bouldering, Serik  silver in speed, and had excellent placements in bouldering and lead.
Serik  itself is Salavat Rakhmetov cousin, the father of the young  Zalia, recently  victim of a serious accident in Turkey.
Zhenja was introduced very early to world of the crag,  has practiced rhythmic gymnastics, and then systematically began to climb at age of  8, coached by her parents