Zhenja Kazbekova 8a+/b at12 - Up-Climbing

Zhenja Kazbekova 8a+/b at12

Ukrain climber Zhenja Kazbekova is only 12, but looking to the results, she is more than a promiss: the teen-ager redpointed New Kenigsberg 8a+/b  at Red Stone, in Crimea.
Zhenja  has a vertical DNA, being daughter of Serik Kazbekov ,second on 1999 at World cup block and second on 2005 on speedness, and of Natalia Perlova  who won the World cup Boulder on 2002.
The data are uncontrovertible: Enzo Oddo (14 years 8c+) Ondra (16 years 9a) and – amongst ladies  – Jenny Lavarda and Maja Vidmar (8c+) show that the world of climbing belongs to the youngs.
source: mountain.ru