[VIDEO] Chuchi and Hoyamoros Highballs

An inspiring video that celebrates the purity of bouldering

25 September 2020
One of the strongest Spanish boulderer takes us on a beautiful journey, giving a strong message for the recovery of the true sense of climbing!

From the pages of this website I have never been afraid to state how climbing is evolving towards a worrying sterility of ideas and perspectives, where the only concerns are numbers, letters, a + or a / or the mere list of the number of attempts and sessions.

As editors we often find ourselves forced to stop here too, not because there is no need or effort to look for further information that goes beyond these details, but because the climbers themselves don't have much else to communicate besides this (often included also high level climbers who should perhaps wonder about the influence they can have in presenting a certain way of living and communicating climbing ...)!

If we then move on to the videos, we are in complete "climbing pornography": identical videos in which, beyond documenting the performance, nothing else is transmitted or where the main concern seems to be advertising the latest fan model (by now an instrument that seems to have become a matter of life or death) or that of listening the favorite tracks, blasted out of the speakers carefully positioned at the base of the boulders ...

The awareness of the significance of climbing as an outdoor discipline that goes beyond performance is now a rare pearl.

Fortunately, there are also reference climbers who are not afraid to expose themselves by presenting their point of view and Jesus Munoz Vaquero is one of them!

Jesus, known as “Chuchi”, is one of the strongest spanish boulderers and one of the main developers of Hoyamoros, a well-known and beautiful high altitude area west of Madrid, which has become one of the best summer locations since a few years.

In this introspective video full of beautiful views of the landscape and boulders, Chuchi shows us the highballs, sometimes very high, that we can find here: no grade, no clamour, just the pleasure of climbing for oneself and experiencing the sensations that climbing can give us, perceiving the rock and the magic of the surrounding nature.

The comment that Chuchi reported on Instagram in this regard already says it all:

“Living in an age in which numbers and letters monopolize the headlines and climbing is almost exclusively related to competition and personal improvement, we sometimes forget, that climbing is also climbing boulders or walls for the simple fact that we like to do it. That is precisely what this video tryes to transmite, about climbing boulders, beautiful boulders, baptized with names. Rocks in which the grade has been omitted to see them as they are, rocks, and not as numbers and letters. The location: the magical Hoyamoros, an area characterised by the vast number of the so-called highballs or tsunamis. The boulders are the protagonists: “Rude Boy”, “Shangri-La”, “Pacheca”, “Gora” and “Chörten”

A video that is a pleasure to watch and "feel", a hymn to the beauty of climbing to love and respect the rock... not just use it!


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