Dreamland, the magic of bouldering in Rocklands

The colors, the moves, the ambience, the dream. With J. Verhoeven and K. Saurwein

07 March 2017

Dreamland is Rocklands, a unique place where dream and reality come togheter. Here, the move to climb one of thousand boulder blends with colors and ambiente like a panting. Here, the new video with Jorg Verhoeven and Katharina Saurwein in Sputh Africa’s mecca. The direction is by great Jon Glassberg.

Produced by:
Louder Than Eleven (lt11.com)
Original Score:
Fizzix Productions (fizzixproductions.com)
Boulders Climbed:
Armed Response (8a+/V12)
Cedar Spine (7c/V9)
El Corazon (8b/V13)
Moiste Maisie (8b/V13)
Rhino (7b+/V8)
The Vice (8b/V13)
Black shadow (8a+/V12)
Caroline (7c+/V10)
Creaking Heights (6c/V4)
Pen Dragon (8a/V11)
Waterfall Boulder (7c/V9)
Black Velvet (8a/V11)
Golden Shadow (8b+/V14)
Hole in one (7c+/V10)
Leap of faith (8a/V11)
Tomorrow Ill be gone (7c/V9)
Sky (8b/V13)
A Tea With Elmarie (8a+/V12)
Shosholoza (8a+/V12)
Pinotage (7b+/V8)
Ray of Light (8b/V13)
Witness the sickness (8a/V11)

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