Big Paw, the first 8C by Simone Tentori

Great ascent in Chironico by the young climber from Lecco

02 April 2019
Simone reaches a new level on the swiss rock

Only few days ago, Simone Tentori announced on his instagram profile the quick ascent of Boogalaga, one of the most tried 8B in Chironico. So the next step was already waiting…

Indeed, Big Paw is its sit start, found and climbed by one of the strongest climbers of all times, Dave Graham, and repeated by many top climbers starting from Dai Koyamada.


After climbing in 2017 The Neverending Story, 8B+, in Magic Wood, with this last ascent Simone joins a new level of difficulty in his career, even if he suggested that Big Paw would be better evaluated as 8B+/8C.


Here are his comments about it on his instagram page:

"The other day I came back to this boulder again. This time I climbed Big Paw. It was so incredible! It's something in the 8B+/C range. Anyway it was a real tough journey, so dense of emotions and efforts. My hardest ascent so far and a problem I'm really proud of."


news: instagram

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