Simon Lorenzi’s Big Convinction!

The FA of another 8C+ in Bléau

24 January 2022
The Belgian finds and climbs another variant on The Big Island


The love story between Simon Lorenzi and the boulder of the legendary The Big Island is now living another chapter!

In February of last year, the Belgian, already well known for his very high level, impressed the world of climbing by sending the legendary sit start project of The Big Island and thus proposing the second 9A of the boulder, renaming it Soudain Seul. Shortly after, Nico Pelorson climbrd it too, but re-evaluated it 8C+.

Since then we have heard about Lorenzi on other occasions: from the various hard lines up to 8C climbed in the summer at Magic Wood to the repetition of Off The Wagon Low, 8C+ in November. However, as he himself declares in his latest Instagram post, he felt nostalgic for the Bléau forest and therefore returned to this magical area. Here, it is again on the boulder of The Big Island that he found a new project!

In December, in fact, he first climbed a low start of 8B/+ to Conviction, an 8A located to the right of the major line and from here the idea of reconnecting Conviction Low to The Big Island arose. Yesterday, the epilogue: Simon climbed this new version and called it Big Conviction, proposing another 8C+ monstrosity!


Source: Instagram


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