The tenth 8C by Elias Iagnemma

In Chironico he climbs Der Mit Dem Fels Tanzt

31 January 2022
With no pauses or breaks the italian boulderer climbs another extreme line!

Kimera, Ziqqurat, From Dirt Grows The Flowers, Ninja Skill Sit and now Der Mit Dem Fels Tanzt too!

These are just the latest 8C boulders that Elias Iagnemma has climbed from August to today, to which a large number of other top-level lines adds. The boulderer from Abruzzo really does not seem to know tiredness and further demonstrates his very high level. His latest achievement is the famous line by Martin Keller at Chironico with which he conquered the tenth boulder problem of this difficulty.

To climb Der Mit Dem Fels Tantz, Elias says he had to face a tough fight, also falling from the final slab, fortunately without consequences, and then rested for an hour and a half before the send. In the Instagram post with which he announced this ascent, he also reveals that he has a mega project in Abruzzo to which he will dedicate in the next few days... therefore perhaps a bomb could be on the way!


Source: Instagram


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