Soudain Seul and La Révolutionnaire: extreme ascents in Bleau!

8C+ for Camille Couder and Simon Lorenzi

14 February 2022
On the same day the repetitions of the hardest boulders in the forest

A very high level Saturday in Fontainebleau, with the ascent (the third in both cases) of Soudain Seul and La Révolutionnaire.

In the first case it is the now well-known sit start of The Big Island, sent by Simon Lorenzi in February 2021 with the proposal of the second 9A in the history of bouldering! The next month Nico Pelorson took the first repeat but proposed a downgrade to 8C+. Last year, Nico and Simon shared tries and process together and with them there was also Camille Coudert, another bleausard of the highest level. As reported in his Instagram post, after two winters of attempts, Camille also completed the battle, obtaining the third ascent of Soudain Seul. At the moment no comment on the difficulty but in the next few days Coudert will probably give us more information ... and we will see if in his opinion this problem could become again the second 9A in the history of bouldering!

On the same day, the Belgian Simon Lorenzi also reached another milestone, climbing another 8C+ in a few days after the FA of Big Conviction. Another line identifying the top difficulty in the forest: La Révolutionnaire, a small cave climbed in November 2017 by Charles Albert and graded 8C+, at that time the hardest line in Bléau. In the following years, the only one to climb it was the Japanese Ryohei Kameyama in March 2019, few days after the first repeat of No Kpote Only.

For Simon, a rather rapid process: only four sessions of work to climb La Revolutionnarie, for a level that we now know is at the top of the world. The announcement of the ascent on his Instagram profile.


Source: Instagram


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