Also Michaela Kiersch in the club!

In Ogden she climbs the 8B+ boulder

02 March 2022
For Michaela a step beyond that brings her to the top also in bouldering

Michaela Kiersch is already a popular name for American female climbing in recent years: several 8c+ routes among the most iconic in the country, bouldering up to 8B and, in September last year, the leap into the world of 9a with one of the most legendary lines of world climbing, Dreamcatcher in Squamish.

The day before yesterday she did another step in her climbing career: the ascent of her first 8B+ in bouldering! This ascent took place in Ogden, Utah, where Kiersch climbed Hailstorm, a line of V14 (8B+) first sent by Drew Ruana (who was also there with her) and on which she has worked more than any other before.

Moreover, Ogden seems to be good for the girls of bouldering: at the beginning of February, in fact, Allison Vest also reached the 8B+ right here, with the repeat of Show Your Scars.


Source: Instagram


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