Hailstorm also for Alex Puccio!

The ninth 8B+ of the american climber

04 March 2022
With her ascent Michaela Kiersch also inspires and motivates her friend Alex

Just two days ago we talked about Michaela Kiersch's first 8B +, Hailstorm, an intense line on Ogden boulders in Utah.

On the day of the ascent, Alex Puccio was also there to support and encourage Michaela and working herlself this boulder in search of the ascent. Inspired by her friend's success and learning from her all the beta, Alex needed just a couple of days and yesterday, on her Instagram profile, she announced that she too repeated Hailstorm!

The queen of bouldering is the one who already climbed the highest number of 8B+ in her career, which should become nine with this ascent: an incredible number if you think how this difficulty is still within the reach of few female climbers in the world.

In the last post on her profile, Alex also reported the video of her ascent of Hailstorm.


Source: Instagram


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