Niky sends La Revolutionnaire!

The fourth ascent of the 8C+ in Bleau

15 March 2022
Since a few weeks in the Forest, Ceria climbed Charles Albert's extreme roof

A bomb from the forest of Fontainebleau !!!
The protagonist is Niky Ceria who got the repetition of one of the hardest lines in the entire forest: La Revolutionnaire!

For some time Niky has been in Bleau and from his Instagram profile we followed his climbs from day to day. As always, a great character and awareness, with the focus not only on hardness but the search for aesthetics, history and the beauty of bouldering. In recent weeks, Ceria climbed those lines that he still lacked, all kinglines of the forest: from the legendary Partenaire Particulier to La Merveille, to the 8B of Kheops Assis and Bibop and one of the most legendary boulders of the site, L'Alchimiste, 8B + , and many others…

However, in his search for milestones and hidden pearls, Niky also found the time to try the famous Charles Albert roof/cave in Les Gros Sablons: a line on which, as he explains in his Instagram post, he had to strive to find a method that prevented him from touching the surrounding stones but that ultimately led him to close this boulder which, with its 8C + is one of the hardest in Bleau after Soudain Seul!

First climbed in 2017 by Charles Albert, La Revolutionnaire was then only repeated by Ryohei Kameyama in 2019 and Simon Lorenzi a few weeks ago. It is not the first of this difficulty for Niccolò, who in his palmares can already list lines such as Gioia in Varazze, Ephyra in Chironico and probably someother boulders among those he discovered and left ungraded, and which often needed longer processes compared to the lines mentioned above ...

Great Niky!


Source: Instagram


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