An 8C+ FA for Shawn Raboutou…months ago!

Fuck the system in Fionnay

24 May 2022
Completed an ancient project by Dave Graham


In the last few days, Shawn Raboutou announced on Instagram the first ascent of an extreme line on the granite boulders of Fionnay, in Valais. However… this ascent dates back to last summer and was kept completely confidential by the American!

In particular, Shawn climbed an extension to Fionnay's most famous boulder, Foundations Edge - 8C, a 2013 boulder problem by Dave Graham: further ten additional moves to this line, to create an 8C + monstrosity ... and maybe even more! The name chosen by Raboutou for this new world kingline is Fuck The System.

But it doesn't seem to end here! From a comment to his post by the strong Brazilian climber Felipe Camargo it seems that there is much more that Shawn has not yet told about his past ascents, and in particular there would be at least a couple of the extreme boulder he climbed but that he still kept “secret”. Let’s await therefore the future revelations of the American!


Source: Instagram


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